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FoodRoots is a global agritourism platform to connect food-curious consumers interested in exploring local culture & rural life with local farmers interested in diversifying their income sources. Customers find authentic experiences to get to know the story behind their food and the people that produce it.

Fair & direct

Connect with authentic, carefully selected farmers and get to know their story. Be part of a community of change makers.

Price transparency

As an impact- oriented start-up, we are 100% transparent about prices & who gets how much money.

Unique & customizable

Find a farm close to where you live or go on holidays, a longer farm stay or a one-day tour - book flexibly from our online offers!

Our Vision & Mission

Reconnecting consumers with farmers through agritourism to contribute to a sustainable future of our planet

Our vision is a world in which people are reconnected to food origins and act as responsible consumers, while farmers are passionate entrepreneurs with diversified income sources and personal relationships with consumers.

That’s why we build a global community of passionate farmers re-connecting consumers to food origins through authentic food and agritourism experiences.

Our customers are people who are aware of sustainability issues, love nature, and interested in cultural experiences.

Join our mission and discover a new and full of purpose way of traveling!

Farm Experiences

Find here the first farm tours to experience the origins of food

Vertical Farming Tour in Zurich on Thursday, Nov 7th

Microgreens from the heart of Zurich 

Ecosystem? Aquaponics? Fish? Microgreens? Join this fantastic tour to learn how an innovative methodology can enable farming inside the city of Zurich.

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We proudly share the same purpose with our customers: to help farmers diversify their income sources to have a better life!


Sustainability Manager

"Visiting a farm and talking to the farmers was a life-changing experience. It was very inspiring to see how passionate producers are and how much work it is to produce our food."



Farmer in Colombia

"I love to share stories related to coffee and to show consumers how we cultivate the beans until they are ready for harvest, roasting, and, finally, become a delicious drink."



Data Scientist

"Spending my holidays in a farm in South Africa was one of my most exciting holidays, reconnecting to the ways that my ancestors lived generations ago!"